Monday, May 14, 2007

Extinction of Small Business'

So here's a pic of my tia's store in Logrono... I dont know exactly how you would call her store but lets just say it has all things a housewife purchases aside from food. Detergent, thread, underwear, make-up and mops… I passed by the other day to help out and I realized how beautiful it is. Its dusty and cramped but it has a peaceful aura to it. Like nothing changed since the days I would pass by as a 5 year old after school (or was it nursery?).

I started to think on whether or not it ever made money. I mean, she hardly goes to the store. When she does, its just to talk to her friends. And the people I do see buying things, just buy a thimble or a bra. But they spend a lot more time talking and gossiping. Its worse than church! Hehe…

I also saw that her prices were higher than other chain markets. So imagine the competition she has… But a large store with fluorescent lights and crowds cant compare to the homely feeling of my tia's store. I wouldn't mind paying an extra €.65 for a sweet smile and a warm conversation.

Note to self: Ask tia to check expiry dates.

That's all.

1 comment:

gilda said...

sounds like a really fun shop.

nice outfits, by the way.