Friday, May 18, 2007

My Slight Obsession with Wine

All wines shown are Rioja. The best *bodegas* in the region have their wines up here. I prefer my *tinto *ANYDAY, whether hot or cold weather. I do enjoy the occasional cava and sparkling rose…White's just not my thing.

You also have to appreciate the beauty of a bottle of wine. How every sip is differs slightly. How the first taste is completely different from the last. I have my own way of drinking wine which a lot of people don't feel is the right way. I like to take a sip of the wine when it first comes out of the bottle. No spinning, no aeration, just fresh out of the bottle. Then I spin it, smell it and take another sip. The next taste will be a bit later. I let it breathe and let the flavors expand. Then I just drink and enjoy. Note, I only do this with reds… and whites when I so happen to drink a white.

At the hotel our maitre d a.k.a. our sommelier told me that if I truly want to appreciate wine I have to drink as much as I can (I don't mind…) AND not drink any other alcohol. That's a toughy… hmm… I'll try that one out. I mean I do enjoy wine the most out of all alcohols. Thing is its hard to resist a dirty martini… and *panache*… and a vodka sprite… ooh, tequila…

Note to self: Look up *alcoholic*

That's all.

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