Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Torture at the Zenit

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So… my enslavement is almost over at the hotel and its about time. They really are taking advantage of me but ya, they have all the right. Internships always sound bad and all about filing papers and doing meaningless tasks but I was lucky enough to have done the work I have. Lucky may not exactly be the right word but I have it better off in my opinion. Completely contradicting myself? I know. I arrived the first day for ameeting with the director a.k.a. GM and he asked me to work that very same day. The next day he leaves me alone for around 30 minutes. I know that sounds like nothing but I wasn't prepared! My Spanish still needed some
brushing up and they hadn't taught me anything yet. I just pretty much watched the day before. So ya, stressful but an experience nonetheless.
I've pretty much stayed at the front desk for most of my time at the hotel with the exception of waitressing at the banquets. Now that's stressful work. I didn't know I had certain muscles in my arm and hands until they hurt the day after. So, I've done service at school but never 60 people on my own. Imagine how many trips I had to make if I can only carry 3 plates, well 4 if you want your garnish on the side, and it's a 5 course meal. That's 100 trips! But ya, I really respect servers and will NEVER bitch if my food comes late during a banquet.
This photo is of me after me clearing, hence the mess, the banquet hall.
Finally allowed let my hair down.

Note to self: Buy smudge proof eyeliner.

That's all.

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